Water: for the sake of our body and wellbeing


After a holiday in a foreign country, have you ever been really happy to be able to drink the tap water without worrying again? In international comparison, the water quality is  top in Central Europe. Our body is dependent on a sufficient supply of water every day, and body care is not possible without the cool water. How our drinking water  health effects, read here.


Without water there’s no life

You have probably heard at one time or another that water is the main component in all living things. In small children, the water content is over 70%, with increasing age we literally dry out until we are only about 45% water in old age.

Water is indispensable for many vital processes in the human body. Those who drink too little can find it difficult to concentrate, suffer from headaches or dizziness. In the long run, it can even lead to serious illness. So drinking enough is important to stay healthy.


Exercising, sweating, drinking – what you should pay attention to

Anyone who does sport sweats. This prevents the body from dangerous overheating. The main problem is the loss of fluids, but also the excretion of vital minerals. Drinking properly while exercising is therefore essential to keep fit. And in many sports it can even make the difference between victory and defeat, because with a loss of fluids, the ability to concentrate also decreases.


Water for the Youngest: Tips on Baby Food

Is the tap water right for my baby? A question that many parents ask themselves. The answer is basically yes, a water test is a precaution  but not bad. As a precaution, many parents boil off the tap water to determine whether this is really necessary, but opinions differ about this. The lime in the water can be problematic for some children. However, this cannot be completely removed by boiling.

Water as a drink is not necessary during breastfeeding or the first time in a bottle. But if you start offering the baby water as a drink, you should pay close attention to some of the ingredients.


This is what calcareous water does to our skin

Limescale in the water is one of the most common problems that occur with our tap water. While the problems in kettles etc. are very visible, we are often less aware of what the limescale does to our skin. Limescale reduces the washing performance of soap and shower gel, residues of minerals are deposited on the skin. Not all people notice the difference between soft and hard water. In the case of sensitive skin, however, the lime can cause a wide variety of irritations. If you’ve already started to feel improvements after a vacation in a place with soft water, you might want to have your water checked.


How hard and soft water affect hair care

Frizzy mane or straight and without volume? We often struggle with our hair in daily care. We mostly forget one essential factor – the water used. If it is very calcareous, minerals can get stuck in the hair, if it is very soft, there may be product residues. The composition of the water affects several levels – the appearance of the hair, how easy it is to style and which care products are required. On the blog we give tips on how to get the best possible grip on your hair.