Sustainability concerns us all

As a family business that has been in existence for over 20 years, we strive to work sustainably in the interest of the next generation, so that Aquavital can continue to exist for many decades to come. Christina Mandl advises us continuously to implement our goals and to keep them.

Sustainability projects

To create awareness for the topic of water, we support these projects

  • Creative contest for children from 6 to 14 years old

    Craft, painting and writing competition on the theme of “Water in the future” me top-class jury.

    Further information at

Creative contest for pupils 6-14 years old

Special measures

  • Made in Austria

    The production and thus the entire value chain as well as the associated jobs have been in Zeltweg, in the heart of Austria, since the company was founded.

  • Electromobility

    Our company vehicles are all electric vehicles that are charged with green energy from Austria.

  • Home Office

    All employees work almost exclusively in the home office, which saves countless kilometers and travel time to the workplace and to the customer.

  • Packing

    We completely dispense with plastic for our shipping packaging and rely on shipping packaging made of cardboard that has been individually developed for us.

  • Shipping

    Our shipping is almost exclusively via the Austrian Post. This has a neutral CO2 footprint. Learn more…