Leo Schriefl

Managing Director of Fa. Aquatec and father of two, Fohnsdorf

After being employed in the chemical water technology for more than 10 years, I dealt very intensively with alternative methods of water treatment when I built my house. On the one hand it was necessary in my lime-plagued residence to arm itself against these effects, on the other hand I wanted to do without chemical and electrical water treatment because of my two children. So I took up an idea that is more than 100 years old, namely the of magnetic water treatment, and developed it further. This is how AQUA®vital – the lime magnet with Megaspin came into being. Hard lime deposits, urine scale and tedious cleaning are a thing of the past . The certainty that our children will grow up with natural, vital water and that we can do without environmentally harmful chemicals in the household gives me and my wife the certainty that we have done the right thing.

Dr. Bakhtik Manfred

Head of the Department of Complementary Medicine Medical Association, Lower Austria

Permanent magnet Aquavital is intended for water treatment – decalcification . The sophisticated technology of AQUA®vital causes a transformation of lime into aragonite, a decrease of the water pH value and a reduction of the surface tension. The effects are physically detectable, cause a change in taste for sensitive persons and a “soft feeling” of the water. These phenomena are called vitalization by of the Aquatec company.

A supply of information of any kind is not possible with the AQUA®vital magnet and on the part of the company not intended, therefore an information change of the water and a possible negative influence of the human organism is to be excluded.

Roland Düringer

Cabaret artist and actor

At first I could not believe what was explained to me in the presentation of the Aquavital lime magnet. Shortly after installation, I could already see that the water is noticeably softer and tastier. After thorough cleaning of the aerators and shower heads, I still could not detect any stubborn limescale residues even after weeks. I was particularly fascinated by the fact that the system works without electricity and without chemicals. Due to the positive test results, I have come to the conclusion that I can recommend the Aquavital limescale magnet without reservation.

Julia und Tobias Moretti

Actor and organic farmer

We could notice the changes after a very short time by the device of the company Aquavital. Since we drink a lot of water, we immediately became aware of the change in water quality: the water was more lively, tastier and much more pleasant to drink than before. We live on the farm, as is traditional in Tyrol, with our animals under one roof. There it is only natural, that we supply also the productive livestock with the vitalized water. Due to the absolutely convincing changes we can recommend this equipment with good conscience for humans and animal.

Tony Mathis

Therapy Center, Düns/Vorarlberg

“Water is the most important food for humans and animals!”

Activated water from Aquavital is a refinement of any water. House pipes are no longer calcified and our patients drink water from the tap with enthusiasm again, as it has a really invigorating effect. Thanks to the company AQUA®vital for your tireless commitment to the best water quality.

Marc Girardelli

Ski legend

Yes it is true, that I am a long-time client of Aquavital. Already in my ski-center in Bottrop(www.alpincenter.com) I used the system to condition the water for better perfomance of snowmaking etc. In my new house in Switzerland, we have here quite lot of lime in the water. And the results are very good. I hope you will have the same good feeling after installing the magnets.


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