For the 15th anniversary of the company …

Vision, Goals & Perseverance. The treatment of water has fascinated the start-up entrepreneur since his youth. The vision that every household should have healthy water was followed by the clear goal of becoming the market leader. “In the beginning, there were at most a handful of people who believed in me and my idea. Many made me out to be crazy. But I always firmly believed in my development and my vision of healthy water, risked everything and persistently went my way,” Schriefl recalls the early days. He has indeed tapped into a gap in the market. Today, around 100,000 devices are in use worldwide. Aquavital is thus the clear number 1 in physical water treatment.

Marketing by Networking. So in the beginning there was the vision and a great product – and of course far too little marketing budget. So unconventional measures had to be taken in order to hold one’s ground. And since Leo Schriefl is unconventional in every respect, he has developed his own system. Marketing by Networking. Celebrities and opinion leaders who use and promote its product. “Tobias Moretti, Thomas Sykora, Roland Düringer, Heinz Kinigartner, Renate Götschl, Marc Webber and many more are satisfied Aquavital customers who have helped me a lot to increase the awareness of my products,” says Schriefl.

Awards, innovations & export offensive. Schriefl is a troublemaker in the best sense of the word. The many awards – from the Ministry of Life and the Ministry of Economy, among others – have not led the entrepreneur to rest on his laurels. On the contrary. He continued to research and invest in innovations. For example, it has established itself in the Arab world by furnishing the gigantic indoor ski slope in Dubai and has furnished the estate of the Sultan of Oman. Since then, Aquvital has been a permanent player in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on what is arguably the largest construction site in the world. “At the best of times, we exported to 42 countries. A few years ago, we decided to withdraw from Eastern Europe due to the looming economic crisis. Since then, we have been concentrating very strongly on the German-speaking countries and the Arab Emirates. Especially where water is a scarce commodity, we rely on the highest quality levels, which we develop with passion for any task, no matter how big, such as an indoor ski slope in the middle of the desert,” Schriefl continues.

Social commitment. Despite his company’s success story, Schriefl has never forgotten that he himself comes from humble beginnings and is therefore also committed to social causes.

GOLD edition for the anniversary. For its 15th anniversary, Aquavital launched a premium lime magnet with Megaspin in a GOLD edition as part of “The Big 5” trade fair in Dubai. “There has been demand for a premium model for some time. We took the 15th anniversary as an opportunity to present this GOLD edition. As a thank you to our customers and friends, we raffled off three units of the GOLD edition. We are looking forward to the next 15 years of healthy water with Aquavital,” concludes Schriefl.