The AQUA®vital lime magnet is very easy to assemble.

You have the option to install Aquavital on the main line before or after the water meter. Determine the suitable place for the installation of the AQUA®vital lime magnet. Remove coarse dirt or rust from the pipeline. Pull out the locking slide and place the device (in the direction of the arrow) over the main line. Make sure that the AQUA®vital lime magnet rests snugly on the pipe. Then push the locking slide back in and tighten the locking screws by hand.

Step-by-step instructions for installing Aquavital


Make sure you have the Aquavital equipment necessary for your needs and the supplied mounting rails handy. A tool is not required for installation.

Selection of the installation site:

Decide on the location of the Aquavital device.

External magnetic fields, for example caused by power lines, WLAN routers, etc. can influence the effect of Aquavital. Make sure that the installation site is free from such sources of interference. In addition, with our Aquavital® Shield, we offer you a possibility for shielding from external sources of interference. You can find out more on our website.


In a house, Aquavital should be installed on the main water and hot water pipes after the water heater or boiler. If hot water circulation is operated, the device must be placed on the line of circulation.


In an apartment, it should be attached to the pipe that leads into the apartment. This line is usually found in a wall cover. Usually, the main shut-off and the water meter are also located there.

If two pipes (cold and hot water) lead into your home, an Aquavital unit is required for each pipe.

Note that we recommend repeated disassembly of the equipment twice a year for 24 hours, so also choose a place that is easily accessible and reachable.

Identification of the hot water pipe:

To identify the hot water line, simply turn on the hot water at any connection and feel which line is getting hot. Most often, the hot water pipe is located in the upper part of the boiler.

Attaching the device:

On the Aquavital device you will find three arrows. These must point in the direction of flow of the water.

Position the Aquavital device at the selected location on the pipe. Mounting can be performed both horizontally and vertically.

The device should be in direct contact with the line over its entire length.

Insulating material must be removed from the lines. This is only necessary in the area of the device and can be easily accomplished with a sharp knife. Make two cuts about 25 cm apart around the pipe and one cut along the pipe to be able to remove the insulation in one piece. This way you can easily mount them again in case of return.

Installation is possible on copper, stainless steel, plastic and iron pipes. As a general rule, the line should be clean. Plastic cables sometimes have a reinforcing rail attached, this should be removed in the area of the device.

Securing the device:

Use the supplied mounting rail to secure the device to the line. The screw should be hand-tightened. Do not use any tools and be careful not to overtighten the screw.

Verification of the installation:

Make sure that the device is firmly attached to the line and does not slip.


Once the device is securely installed, it will start working and you can start using or testing it. Note that you will not be able to perceive the effect until all the water in the mains and in the boiler has been circulated once.

Make a note on your calendar to remove Aquavital from the line for 24 hours every six months.

Please note

The lime remains in the water, so hardness tests before and after installation lead to the same result. Reduce the amount of washing-up liquid and detergent. Due to the lower surface tension of the water, you only need the quantities that are recommended for softer water. After installation, the water may briefly discolour slightly reddish brown. Do not worry, this is one of the many signs that confirm the effect of the AQUA®vital lime magnet.

  • The function of AQUA®vital is only guaranteed if the installation instructions are strictly observed.
  • The respective pipe dimensions must match the device dimensions.
  • In case of well supply, a distance of 20 cm to the pump should be maintained to the AQUA®vital device. (Also with swimming pool pumps!)