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That would be possible content for the video. However, feel free to let your creativity run wild.

Scene 1: Introduction

(Customer standing in his house, smiling at the camera)

Customer: “Hi, I’m [Name] and I’d like to show you how Aquavital has made my life easier, especially when it comes to cleaning lime.”

Scene 2: Show Aquavital

(Customer goes to the basement, points to Aquavital)

Customer: “This is Aquavital. It’s mounted in the basement and it was really easy to install.”

Scene 3: Show the effects of Aquavital

(Customer points to various household items, e.g., faucets, showerheads, kettles).

Customer: “Since we got Aquavital, cleaning lime has become so much easier. Look at this faucet – no lime! And our shower head – looks like new!”

Alternative scene 3.1:

(Customer points to the kitchen sink and the kettle)

Customer: “Since we have Aquavital, our kitchen sink is always sparkling clean and our kettle remains limescale-free. Take a look – no lime scale, no deposits!”

Alternative scene 3.2:

(Customer points to the bathroom, especially the shower and the sink)

Customer: “Our bathroom is another area that has benefited from Aquavital. The shower and sink are so much easier to clean, and we no longer have problems with scale buildup.”

Alternative scene 3.3:

(Customer points to various household appliances, e.g. the washing machine and the dishwasher)

Customer: “Our household appliances run better and longer thanks to Aquavital. Our washing machine and dishwasher are lime-free and work perfectly. It’s amazing how much easier cleaning and maintenance has become.”

These alternative scenes offer different perspectives on the benefits of Aquavital and show how it can be used in different areas of the home.

Scene 4: Conclusion

(Customer stands in front of the camera again, smiles)

Customer: “I can really recommend Aquavital. It has made cleaning in our home so much easier and we no longer have to worry about lime. Thank you, Aquavital!”

Video end

This script is simple and direct, and it allows your customers to share their personal experiences with Aquavital. It focuses on easy cleaning of lime, which is an important advantage of your product.

Technical recommendations

Make sure the lighting is good and that the video is shot in portrait orientation.


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